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I'm offering to do Critiques on Writing, and Art. I am a writer, and I dabble in art as well. If your are looking for someones opinion I am willing to share mine if you want. I might charge a tip fee for my critique, but nothing much just what ever you think my opinion and the time I took out to do this was worth to you, be it if you would like to draw me something or write me something, or even donate a few points to me.


Literature Commissions

Character Biography's

Short Stories

Comic / manga Scripts

and really open to anything else

The cost will vary depending on length, and what you are asking from me as far as deadlines go a rush job will cost more and so on, and also restrictions, if I am very restricted to a set plot and so on the price will increase slightly.


1. Type of writing you want me to do

2. Length

3. Information on what it is you want me to do

4. Restrictions

5. Deadline


Need Silhouette Artist and Map Artist for my current comic project. I need a silhouette Artist able to create some interesting character silhouettes for me to choose from.

Need a Map artist / setting artist to help me bring my comics setting to life.

While I don't know who these characters will be yet I can give you some guidelines. These characters will most likely end up being power houses in my world while they will only be supporting characters they will be important when their time comes its just so early in my comic to really create any of them hence the issue I'm faced with trying to show them in the intro without having made them yet. My world has various technological levels its a mix of modern and ancient. People wield old weapons like swords axes and maces but they also wield newer weapons like guns. Though the guns shouldn't look like modern guns maybe more like the first guns made and going into like the first world war. The characters you make should have various ages, genders, body types. I want each of the characters to have a very unique silhouette.
Need Silhouette Artist and Map Artist for my current comic project. I need a silhouette Artist able to create some interesting character silhouettes for me to choose from.

Need a Map artist / setting artist to help me bring my comics setting to life.
My Kickstarter Video as well as promotional art is currently in production so Visuals are a little lacking currently. I need some opinions on a few things I will list below.

Reward Levels: Any feedback is welcome. Right now I have the rewards set as just the bare bones meaning it will be the actual finished product that the campaign is for which is making a book. Considering adding art prints, posters and maybe bookmarks.

Characters: Wanted to know how I should display their images as well as their bio's. I have three layouts in mind but not sure what way would look the best. The first way is to have the character images in a line going across the top 1, 2, 3, 4 then list each characters bio  in the order that the images are so 1, 2, 3, 4. The second option is to have a large image above each character's bio. The third is two have a smaller character image next to the corresponding character's bio.

Creators: Refer above to characters since I will be using the same layout most likely for the creators section unless I get feedback from you guys that says I should do something different.

Creator Images: Should the images be professional looking or more casual.

Comic Pages: Thinking of doing something like this that the creators of Dark Beach from this reddit just did for the campaign but I'm not sure if having something like I have now just with finished pages might be better since people could actually read it where as with this image its unreadable but you can see the art.…

Video: Last question is in regards to the video I'm thinking of having a hybrid video of a animated trailer maybe not animated but moving from panel to panel so slightly animated with maybe some audio if not just just subtle background music. Then having an interview with me after. I'm thinking the video will probably be 2 minutes tops. 30 seconds for the trailer and 1:30 for my interview. Let me know what you think of this idea or if I should just do a trailer or a interview instead. Also for the interview portion I would like to know if you think more professional looking or casual would be better.


My final question is about printers, I have been shopping around for some time now and I have ideal printers but could always use more suggestions as the way kickstarter works your final profit to use for printing will fluctuate heavily depending on what reward levels are backed so its important to be able to adapt to these variations if necessary.

Any advice you have regarding kickstarter will be much appreciated if your experienced with this and have had a successful campaign and by successful I mean not exceeding your budget and having to pay out of pocket for extra's I would love to get some eyes on my budgeting and what not to make sure I have thought of everything and that my math is correct.

Thanks again for all the help from you guys much appreciated.
Drakon Forge is an Action / Adventure / Comedy about a group of young travelers setting off on a quest to be their best. The story follows the main character and his quest to find answers to what happened to his father. The sub plot is about each of the young heroes perusing their dreams, Aidan wants to be the strongest warrior, Sylvia wants to be the best blacksmith and Felicia wants to be the most knowledgeable mage. The series is very fleshed out for the first volume. I'm thinking I can wrap up the whole story in ten volumes if not less.

While I'm not looking for an artist to fully commit to a project that could last years I would like them to understand I want to try and use one artist if possible. I'm very flexible and understand there will be times I might be waiting months for the artist to be able to jump back on the project when they are available.

The page rate I'm looking at is around $20 - $40 This page rate needs to include pencils / inks / lettering (coloring is optional since I actually have a colorist interested but if you can fit coloring into the page rate as well I will likely go with you if his coloring doesn't mach your style.)

Please leave samples of your art work, if you have varying styles leave me samples of each also please give me your page rate.

If your willing to draw for a royalty split instead please let me know as that could make getting this off the ground that much easier. I'm going to be paying out of pocket for 6 pages of the first issue to be used as promotional art for kickstarter. I'm very confident my kickstarter will succeed as I have contacts with large followings who are interested in helping my project succeed.





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Hello, my name is Ray Denef Rose, founder of The-Fire-Lotus. This group is going to be about projects I am working on, or projects I am collaborating with. If you have a project that you would like to work on together as a collaborative effort note me the details, and I will get back to you.

Group Chat info is [link]
Group page is


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