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Wow I love this, I honestly didn't know it was done until now lol. Please do this instead of the link :iconiamversatility: :icon(iamversatility): with no ...

Samurai Wolf request by seanbianchi

Vision: You took everything we discussed, and used it to the best way possible to enhance the vision I had of it. I applaud your being ...

I'm offering to do Critiques on Writing, and Art. I am a writer, and I dabble in art as well. If your are looking for someones opinion I am willing to share mine if you want. I might charge a tip fee for my critique, but nothing much just what ever you think my opinion and the time I took out to do this was worth to you, be it if you would like to draw me something or write me something, or even donate a few points to me.


Literature Commissions

Character Biography's

Short Stories

Comic / manga Scripts

and really open to anything else

The cost will vary depending on length, and what you are asking from me as far as deadlines go a rush job will cost more and so on, and also restrictions, if I am very restricted to a set plot and so on the price will increase slightly.


1. Type of writing you want me to do

2. Length

3. Information on what it is you want me to do

4. Restrictions

5. Deadline


I have found that I work better in a collaboration environment than I do if I am working on projects a lone. I like the idea of motivating each other and keeping each other inspired also holding each other accountable so we can't procrastinate.

I am looking for an artist who would want to work on a project with me we will start off small with a one shot and if everything goes well we will continue the story or work on a new project. I am thinking the one shot will be a max of about 50 pages.

I have many story ideas already in progress, but I will probably be more willing to work on a completely new project and start fresh with the artist.

Profits made from the comic and ownership will be split 50/50.

I tend to write more on the darker side of things, but I am also capable of writing light hearted stuff as well.

Please leave a comment below stating your interested in working with me, and leave some art samples. If you have any questions ask and I will be sure to answer you.
Iditarod Whiteout
Alaskan Whiteout
Alaskan Frost
Iditarod Survival

If you can think of any titles would be appreciated.

Below is some brief information about the book and plot points.

A man in Alaska has a sled team of dogs

All of the dogs fall into the water through the ice most of them die.

He can only save one he then pulls the sled while the dog is on the sled trying to get home safe to see his dog and himself through the hard winter blizzard


Setting: Alaska
Main Character: Male
Wheel Dogs: 2

Team Dogs: 2
Point Dogs: 2

Lead Dogs: 2
Plot: The yearly sled dog team race is about to begin.

The sled dog team race begins and each sled rushes off the starting line on a week long race.

The competition is fierce. Several sleds are neck and neck off the starting line.

One of the lead dogs gets injured by colliding with another sled dog team.

The sled dog team is passed by every other team and is now dead last, but they arenít ready to give up.

The man straps the injured dog to the sled and changes his rig to account for there only being one lead dog now.

The team is in a hurry and they are running as fast as they can to catch up to the teams that passed them by.

A blizzard hits in the middle of the race making it very hard to see ahead of them. The sled dog team begins to go off course and starts to cross a thin ice patch.

The sound of the ice cracking sounds like the earth is shattering. The man commands the dogs to slow down to a stop when suddenly the ice gives way between the sled and the lead dog. One by one the dogs begin to fall into the ice dragging the next dogs with them. The man commanded the lead dog to circle back towards the sled. The man gets off his sled and ties a rope to the lead dogs harness and commands the lead dog to pull with him. They begin to pull the sled back with all their strength, trying to get the dogs to resurface by force. By the time he gets the dogs to resurface he is too late. 5 of the dogs drown to death, and the 6th dog quickly died of hypothermia.

The man completely broke down crying and screaming out in grief over the loss of his comrades. The lead dog didnít seem to understand what was going on and was nudging the bodies with his nose trying to get them to wake up. The injured dog was also whimpering trying to get the dogs attention not understanding what was going on.

The man began to unload supplies off his sled to lighten the load. With those supplies he created a makeshift grave site for his comrades and marked the graves using the supplies so he could come back and get their bodies and properly lay them to rest.

The man changes his rig and attaches a harness to himself and the lead dog and begins to pull with all their might walking ever slowly through the blizzard towards the next checkpoint.

I am a writer. I am writing novels as well as writing comic scripts. I would like to try and gauge comic artists opinions on what they would like from a writer to work with them to the best of their abilities. Do you like when a writer breaks down the comic in script format and tells you how many panels to break a page into and gives very detailed instructions taking a lot of the creativity out of it. Or would you rather have a writer maybe write a loose script or even writing in paragraph form detailing the scene and whats going on who's there and who's talking allowing the artist to decide how they want to represent the writers words through their art. Personally as a writer I am a fan of the second writing method which is mainly why I am asking this question. I also feel like an artist has a better understanding of how a page should be broken into panels to make it visually interesting compared to any writer could.

I would love to get a conversation going about this and really just learn how to work with artists as a writer.


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Ray Denef Rose
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Hello, my name is Ray Denef Rose, founder of The-Fire-Lotus. This group is going to be about projects I am working on, or projects I am collaborating with. If you have a project that you would like to work on together as a collaborative effort note me the details, and I will get back to you.

Group Chat info is [link]
Group page is


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